Drupal CMS Offers Infinite Opportunities

This is a demo website built on Drupal 7 and customized by SiteGround. To the default installation of Drupal, we have added a few freely available modules, a custom responsive theme, and demo content. You are welcome to add content and modules, or remove and reorganize the current content any way you like. All the modifications you make to this website will not be reset or overwritten. Upon expiration of the demo service, you are welcome to renew your hosting at SiteGround and continue working on this website.

Get Started

How to customize your Drupal?

Watch the videos below to see our unique approach in action!

Drag and drop boxes

We added a module named Panels, which allows you to edit and reorganize the content with a simple drag and drop.

About Panels

Log into the Drupal Admin

The best way to manage Drupal is through the admin area. You don't need any coding skills for that.

Drupal Tutorial

Use Drush

More advanced users will enjoy the power of Drush command line interface when managing Drupal.

Drush Tutorial

The Sources of Drupal Power

Watch the videos below to see our unique approach in action!

Great CMS With A Great Community

Drupal is a robust CMS with more than 17,000 modules available to extend its functionality and create a unique website in any area - ecommerce, education, non-profit, publishing or other industries. The software is supported by a large and helpful community, which easily welcomes newcomers and provides free resources at your disposal.

Solid Hosting Platform

The choice of a hosting provider is just as important as the choice of CMS for your website. At SiteGround, we offer a managed hosting environment with lots of tools to make your Drupal site-building as smooth and easy as possible - Drupal installer, Drush, GIT, SSH and more. We also offer Drupal caching that speeds up the performance of your Drupal and saves you costs.


Watch the videos below to see our unique approach in action!

"Drupal is one of the most powerful CMS nowadays that can build amazing websites. What we love most about Drupal is its friendly community always ready to support newcomers."

Reneta Tsankova, SiteGround.com COO